discontinuing the 816csx. why ?

discontinuing the 816csx. why ?

any coments !

Have you heard that it is dicontinued for sure? If it is truly discontinued, it might be because Firewire as an interface is not expected to survive. Apple did not include it on the MacPro.

To think that Firewire is dead because Apple did (the big mistake, in my opinion, of) not include in the new MacPro, is false. If you look at the profiles of the postings here, I think it safe to say that more Windows users than Mac users use the MR816 series. And the thirdparty manufacturers will surely continue making Firewire cards.

Apple does sometimes make pretty stupid decisions. I’m sure that ether Apple will change their minds, or we will see thirdparty solutions that cater for this laps of judgement.

the MR816csx is no longer available to be purchased through Steinbergs online store. Therefore I’m sure it’s discontinued.

I’m not really upset at this. Most likely we’ll be able to get 2 more good year of use out of the CSX. If the 816x is still in production they’ll just provide firmware and driver updates for the csx alongside the x updates. I’m not panicking, in reality the csx has had a long and legendary run!

They’d BETTER!!!

It’s not? Then what’s this?


You must be in a different country, because in the USA the link you provided shows that the CSX isn’t available for purchase.

…and that’s the end of that chapter
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Is it? Quite contrary to what you Yanks believe, the US isn’t the same as the World! Just because it’s not for sale in the US doesn’t mean that it’s discontinued. Come down from your high horses.