Discount for ostinate Steinberg-Costumers?

Should Steinberg give a Discount for good of their Costumers?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe

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hello anybody,

ive got a problem. it is more a question for anybody instead a problem, but.. and before anyone is saying: the products got their worth and value to pay, and i get stinky answers to this thread, that this is still, what you have to spend to get such high-professional Soft-and Hardware, and that the quality of these is it worth. (i know that the quality of the products disserve its price, but in this thread it isn´t about to justify the price/ the worth of the quality, because i know it´s best. the purpose of this thread, is just to honour good staunch costumers of Steinberg, and maybe set this in a fair compensation to them. In the last time i want to purchase any of the Steinberg-Products, because its very good and i want to use it in my productial environment. i aim for example the Absolute 2 VST Instrument Collection. i want to buy this and i know there are really good things in it, which i could use for my current Sequencer/DAW. I don`t got so much money now to buy every good product they got. i just can´t do this, i have to maintain myself and also other people in my family, which need their things to live. but I´ve had already bought very much of the Steinberg-Products and stuck a lot of bucks into their company. So, for me it would be a useful and fair act, that the company admit the things i´ve done (bought) for/of them. and compense this in a fair equalisation. So my ask is: Should Steinberg give a Discount for good obstinate costumers?

Ive already made this thread in the german forum: here, , and get many various answers. now ive conversed and discussed with somebody here in the english forum for that and finally i´ve get the inspiration to made this thread.

(already made this, but for somehow it´s get in the Steinberg-Lounge

Thankx to all who read

Since this isn’t about Cubase specifically, the Lounge is where it should be. Also, please don’t post duplicates in different sub-forums.

I’ll lock this one.