Discount For Upgrade Incompetence?

I think that Steinberg should offer a financial discount to everyone who was rendered incapable of getting work done because of this incompetently-implemented upgrade. It would be a nice gesture towards loyal customers.

Apologetic forum posts are cheap.

Including all of us who are denyed bying ab activation code!

So you had a critical project a client was paying for and you updated to something you hadn’t tested on day1?!

If anything was that important you wouldn’t be updating do soon from your stable “pro” system

Yep Steinberg messed up… But I don’t think they you anything… If you decided to rush an untested product on a paying customer … is your own fault

Ohhhh This is 100% a big … +1

I did not even download Cubase11 and it already killed my 10.5 license before.
It would not even have worked correctly if I had tried on a second computer, since the license was removed.
So you are totally wrong and obviously not well informed about the issue(s).

Don’t mess around with - anything - if you have real client work to do. ever. unplug your internet.

And Apple should give discounts for new Macs to everyone who can’t download Big Sur today since Apple’s servers are also overloaded.

And Sony should give PS5 discounts when their servers are inevitably overloaded.

And nVidia should give discounts to everyone who still can’t buy an RTX 3080

Definitely. Right on. I’ll take an extra Macbook Pro, PS5, and RTX 3080, thank you. And throw in Cubase too.

…if you are using Steinberg software.

Lets get this in perspective , ok ,this is a very frustrating situation and a statement has been made but if Steinberg have been making twice a year updates for 30 years and this is the first time something like this has happened then it’s a mistake , a big one but a genuine one .
I can see everyone pissed off but having a lynch mode attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere , only thrown out the forum .

If you feel you are owed compensation then why do you message Steinberg with an proven invoice of time wasted from a devastated client that might already be thinking "why is he upgrading when he knows im coming " .
One mistake in 30 years , if you were my customer id give you a refund andd tell you to go to FL’s

Get real and untangle your panties. All software, every DAW, everything. Don’t even get me started on mac updates, and protools, etc, etc.

I didn’t have a project under deadline. I didn’t upgrade. I just think it would be a nice gesture for Steinberg to make towards the people who got screwed by this.

not sure what you are both talking about.
The TO wrote “It would be a nice gesture towards loyal customers.”
And I fully agree. To be frank there is not much to discuss this opinion, so untangle your panties.

How many times have you tried to buy something that was sold out? Tons. Often demand exceeds supply and you have to wait. Just because its software doesn’t make it any different. It is demand for the server instead of demand for the physical product. They said they need to increase license server capacity. It’s plenty good enough for me. I could try to use the situation to see what I can squeeze out of it like many others are doing but no, I won’t.

How many times did you go to a store and bought/paid a new TV.
Then the salesman goes to your house and destroys your perfectly fine working old TV which you bought from him before.
Just after that he tells you that the new tv is not available until further notice, just have a little patience.

For sure you will embrace that situation - c’mon, you can do better.

I’ve bought a TV that stopped working as I plugged it in for the first time and they didn’t have any more in store.

5h!t happens

I guess you intentionally left out the part that existing 10.x licenses were thrown into the trash bin by the salesman.


I totally get that things need to be tested before you upgrade
especially if you got paying clients
but at the point of sale all bugs such as what occurred should not happen

and for $hits and Giggles lets assume ok theres a major bug in the new software

thats not the issue here

you can download it but you cant even get to activate it yet alone test it

ok fine lets give them that
you can download it and cant activate it because of the server

but the issues here is worse

now none of the previous cubase versions are working that was already paid for AND WORKING !!

so yes , compensation for those that are not only able to get 11 working but was %100 crippled beyond 11


especially if your a long time loyal customer

it only deleted your cubase 10.5 license because after multiple failed attempts you continued to spam “maintenance” / “activation” in the elicenser. which only made it far more likely that the entire process would drag on for the rest of us. miss me with this nonsense

you always surrender license when you you upgrade, your problem is you can’t complete the upgrade. so take a walk, and try again later.

The problem today is that a lot of people only think about is suing somebody or getting freebies if things go wrong or something they do not like.
Patience is a virtue.
It is the same with Microsoft updates. Do not put them in until the last moment if you are working on projects.
The same with Studio people . Do not upgrade anything until you have met the demands.
This way you stay safe.

Always take a system image of your drive ,then you can go back as many times as you like.
Common sense is all that it takes.
We all know that computers and the net is not what it is cracked up to be, because humans run it.
I think i will sue my missus as she burnt the sausages!!! :laughing: