Discounted prices

This is actually a non-application-specific question, but I received the offer with Cubase 7, so I’ll place it here.

Along with my Cubase update, I received discs and activation codes for a bunch of trial versions. These cards end with the text:

When the trial period is over or at any time you want, you have the chance to purchase a permanent license for the product of your choice in the Steinberg Online Shop at a discounted price.

When I look in the Steinberg Online Shop all trial-to-full prices quoted are exactly the same as as the full purchase price!

Discounted = Less than full retail

So where do I find these discounted prices?

Which products specifically? When I received the trials for HALion Sonic, The Grand, and Wavelab 7 Elements (with C6), they were all less than full retail by at least $50. The Grand, which is normally $250, was only $99 to permanently activate the trial.


That is not the full “The Grand” but The Grand SE :cry:

OK. Didn’t realize that, but there are still some discounts in those trials, so I am just wondering which products the OP is referring to.

I got halion sonic 1 for just a little less than the normal price as far as I remember (200 Euros inc VAT).

Cubase 7 includes trialversions of the following:
HALion Sonic
Padshop Pro
Grand 3 SE
Wavelap Elements 7
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Vintage Channel Strip
Vintage Open Deck
Vintage Stomp Pack
Prologue Discoveries
Elek Drums
Dark Planet
Hypnotic Dance

All are the same price, regardless of if you buy a full product or buy a permanent activation code for a trial!
The following are exceptions:

The trial is for HALion Sonic not HALion Sonic 2. This is the only included trail that has a lower activation price. However if you factor in the cost of activating the trial and purchasing the upgrade, it is actually more expensive than buying the full product.

The trial is for The Grand 3 SE, which appears not to be sold separately so there is no full price to compare with.

The same holds true for HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

The Trial (and activation) for Wavelap Elements is for version 7. Who in their right mind would be stupid enough to pay the same price for version 7 as for version 8.

Note also that buying an activation code for the trial version of Padshop Pro costs 8 times more than upgrading from Padshop (which is included with Cubase 7).

As you can see, there isn’t a discount price in sight!!!

As a matter, the only item I’ve found that has a slightly lower price for Cubase 6.5/7 users is the Absolute VST Instrument Collection. But that has probably more to with that Retrologue is missing from this version (as it is already included with Cubase). It can’t, therefore, be classified as a discount price, neither.

Futhermore, Steinberg should learn how to run an onlineshop. Steinberg is the only one who charges the same price for physical products and downloads. The cost-savings (manufacturing, handling and shipping) that comes with the download is obviously not passed on to the customer. Well, as you can buy the stuff for a lower price at just about any retailer anyway, I see little point of buying from the Steinberg Shop anyway. I paid about 85% of the price Steinberg charges for my Cubase 7 upgrade!

Well, to be fair to Steinberg, there were some discounts in there at the time it was released.

That is not being fair! I received my offer 2 days ago (when I retrieved my update). A seller is always responsible for the claims made in the marketing. Making unsubstantiated claims is called false marketing and is a criminal offense in most countries.

Are you trying to say that criminal activity is fair?

Criminal activity. What’s is the EUR or $ amount so we can determine what to charge them with?

The fair price is the one agreed on by the buyer and the seller.
Unless you want the government to determine a “fair” price for everyone… :confused:
I was at the grocery store the other day and there was a big box of Mini Wheats that said, “Value Size” on it. After looking, I realized the price per ounce was actually higher than the smaller box.
Did I call a lawyer? No, I bought the smaller box.

If you don’t like the price. Don’t buy the product.

Are you trying to say that criminal activity is fair?

Before we get to that, are you saying Steinberg has committed a criminal act?

I neglected to add a sarcastic :wink: to my last post.

If they claimed that it was on sale or otherwise reduced in price, and it wasn’t. Yes, then the seller committed an illegal act.

If they give false information in their marketing (which hasn’t been confirmed yet), yes, they do. It’s not me saying it. It’s the lawmakers. Before you say to much. Know that those laws are in place to protect you from fraud.

I suggest that we stop this discussion here and wait for an an official word from a Steinberg representative, with regard to these discounted prices.

Well, it says

you have the > chance > to purchase a permanent license

It does not say, they garantee you anything at a discount price.


  1. a. The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings that seems to have no assignable cause.
  2. b. A force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled; luck
  1. The likelihood of something happening; possibility or probability.

So whenever there are discounts, you have the chance to buy them, although your trial has ended already…

Well, thnikingcap, perhaps you should quote the entire quote.

When the trial period is over or at any time you want, you have the chance to purchase a permanent license for the product of your choice in the Steinberg Online Shop at a discounted price.

In plain English, this meant that that I can buy a product of my choice. Not of Steinbergs choice.

You must have a future in politics. they love to twist meanings, with partial quotes.

Perhaps you’re so rich that you have no understanding of the value of money. I’m not! I plan to purchase two products from Steinberg in the near future. If I’m eligible to a discount, I want to know how to get it.

Why is it so difficult to wait for an official word from Steinberg, regarding the discount prices?

So well, even with the full quote and no matter, if with a product of your choice, or Steinberg´s choice - it´s a chance, not a right. Even though english is not my mothertongue, I think there is a difference between the two - probably even in plain english…

Just wondering if the back and forth banter is just to up your post count…

By the way… I agree with Svenne on this one.

Actually Svenne is correct that there is something wrong with the promo. (Though saying it’s a crime goes too far imo)

@Svenne, have you written to asknet? That is who runs the store, Steinberg offloads all that to them.

Thanks for the tip. I did that and am awaiting a reply from Steinberg.