Discourse Drafts list

  1. The Activity list (the “All” category) is very convenient: The longer posts have a chevron I can click to expand and show the whole post. The list of Drafts appears to offer the same feature for longer drafts, but the chevron buttons there don’t work.

  2. My list of Draft posts has gotten long, and the list displays only the first 30. Scrolling down doesn’t load earlier ones, so I can’t get to them to edit or delete them.

I’m hoping both of these are just functionalities that didn’t get hooked up.

Probably a question for Meta Discourse forum, perhaps. But I have no idea what version of Discourse we are running here.

30 plus drafts ready? I see you must have answered everybody’s question in advance, ready to go. :slight_smile:

That’s an usually high set and I suspect the Discourse developers may not have tested such a use case extensively. Like Steinberg, they only have limited resources.

I have made this observation before, but since Steinberg runs all their products on one instance of Discourse, as categories, I would be fairly sure they are using Enterprise Hosted Discourse, not self hosted (as I do), and this may mean that upgrades to the very latest patch level may be infrequent, and indeed potentially dangerous. So if this issue is fixed in Discourse head revision it is possible that it may be a while before it trickles down here. Just speculating.

Thanks very much for the info! I’ll look into it on Meta Discourse.