Discourse posting in Cubase catagory

I notice in the list of postings on this forum the subject header for the Forum items Im posting are greyed instead of bold.

What does this signify, am I posting incorrectly?


If I understood your question, the grayed titles are ones you visited.

Thanks for pointer Steve.
Not sure this is it as I just tested by reading various topics but after I exit the title headings are still showing in bold whereas those I post are grey.
Might be of course I should.t exit with browser back button.

You need to have “read” all posts to the end of the topic (scrolled all the way to the bottom) in order for it to turn “grey”. Maybe this is the reason?

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This must be it, the way you enter and leave a “read post” looks like the difference.
Ill test a bit more so I can see it happening.


Re “Grey Title Headings” Thats its so marked as solution. Thanks

David :grinning: