Discover Dorico - Drums - ERROR

Having just watched Johns Discover tutorial on Jazz drum he starts by setting a slash on the ‘B’ line (if viewed as being in treble clef) as says it’s a wood block. John’s tutorials are always very educational but as these are meant for learning the information should always be factually correct.

Dorico drums do NOT follow the official GM specification for GM drum mapping and yet this error is allowed to persist. (It should be a low-mid tom)

This error makes users who work with GM midi file importation extremely difficult with playback being nonsensical. Could the team please acknowledge their error and fix this as soon as possible. Although we are on version 2.2 the drums have been wrong since version 1.0. From an educational standpoint those users of Elements, a version that might be favoured by students studying music are getting wrong information.

Some may consider this a minor fix but I suggest a program that states it follows GM specification for drums and clearly doesn’t is a major problem. I wonder what the feedback would be if instruments were in wrong transpositions and continued to be wrong from version 1 to date?

Large helping of Flute in Gb anyone?


Drum notation wasn’t included in Dorico 1.0; it was added in Dorico 1.2, in December 2017. We have already discussed this issue a number of times, Dave, including here on this forum and you know that Dorico does not currently import notes from MIDI that correspond to instruments not included in Dorico’s default drum kit. I can’t really add much to my previous reply to you on this topic, which was just two months ago in December 2018. I don’t know what further “acknowledgement” you require, but please note that there is no need to continually re-report the same issues. We know about it. Thanks!

GM Drum mapping is ONE standard, but it’s not used by everyone everywhere, wholly and exclusively.

As I understand it, John dug up an existing drum part (that didn’t follow GM mapping) and copied it into Dorico (still not following GM mapping). As far as I can tell, he didn’t suggest that Dorico’s default drum kit used the GM standard - in fact, he referred back to other videos on how to customise percussion kits in Dorico. I don’t really see where the error is, given GM percussion mapping isn’t the only standard. Surely it’s more educational to instruct users on how to use Dorico’s flexibility with regard to percussion mapping, than to suggest that the GM “standard” is the only way?

I’ll admit I haven’t watched the whole thing (and certainly wasn’t listening out for the term “General Midi”), so I may very well be wrong. If so, I apologise!

Hi Daniel,

You’re correct of course but incorrect details should not be accepted as being okay.

I am aware you do know about this and it would be useful to have a rough estimaton of when you believe it may be fixed. It may be a mere annoyance to keep reminding you but the company has to continue perfoming considerable and (costly) time consuming workarounds with ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’.

I wish I could give you chapter and verse about when we’ll be able to add this feature (to automatically add new instruments to the default drum set during MIDI import) but unfortunately I can’t. It’s definitely something we plan to address as soon as it’s practical for us to do so.