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You guys don’t do things by halves do you? I was gob-smacked at the new version. Ok, it hasn’t got drum-mapping in it or Da Capo / D.S, but the chords implementation blew me away. I have no idea what ‘Nashville’ type chording is (looks like a ‘floating Do system’) but it certainly looks comprehensive. The Midi implementation of shortcuts and also midi out for playback…phew! No wonder things are taking time. The different page sizing within the same project (for marching band ‘lyres’, again just brilliant. I hope sales are reflecting on where Dorico could be / go in a couple of years, because so much of it is, is really bang on for me. Import and Export of Flows, means getting an initial idea down when the muse strikes and the tinkering with it later in the same or different Projects is easy.

I must say hats off to the team for the ‘Discover Dorico’ videos as they are almost like a collection of private lessons which have been crystallised down to making each session jam-packed full of tips and real-life solutions to problems.

I’m really pleased you like the look of the new version, Al.

For anybody else who wants to see the Dorico 1.1 preview that John gave yesterday, you can catch up here.

…and thank you for the comments about the Discover Dorico sessions. They are mostly answers to questions that people have asked during the month, so if anybody has any questions or things they’d like to see in a session please email me at any time -

I’m very very very impressed by the upcoming version of Dorico (1.1)
Just add (piano) vingering and my life is (almost) complete…
Can’t wait!

Any chance John could post a link to the GPO Expression maps he mentioned in passing?
(The presentation was fantastic, and the new capabilities upcoming are an amazing step forward.)

Looks promising. This might be the version that finally allows me to really start working Dorico. Not only that, but when Daniel and his team do implement something more fully, it appears they do a quality and visionary implementation.

This makes me look forward to further progress. When something is more fully rolled out it often explains some choices that may have initially seemed odd.

Unless I missed something support for multiple MIDI ports did not make it into this update. Hope it comes with the next one, but there’s enough here to draw me into regular use.

The new version should be all I need to get my musical done I think. It should certainly keep me busy over summer.

Q: if a Midi file contains CC64 data (pedal) will it be converted to piano pedal notation…?

I was just giddy watching the DD session yesterday, chords especially. One question: are stemless notes a thing? I thought I saw something in the right-click menu but wasn’t sure.

Frank: no, we don’t import pedal lines from MIDI as yet, but we do import them from MusicXML.

Tony: no, there’s still no proper support for stemless notes (beyond what you can do by adjusting stem lengths), but this is coming in due course.

I’m just floored by the 1.1 preview. Wow. Glad I’m on board. Felt like watching the “Force Awakens” trailer… :open_mouth:
Thx team!

Very sincerely,

It looked like there were assignable MIDI ports per Player in Play mode!

It depends what you mean by ‘multiple MIDI ports’. Dorico now supports multiple MIDI output ports, but doesn’t yet support the sort of ‘virtual’ midi ports required by plugins such as VSL to use more than 16 channels.

Was there a previous ‘hang’ - which also has a YouTube clip?

Yes, thanks Paul. As someone who uses only VSL, that is what I meant.

Just to be clear: this does not yet mean ReWire, or does it? Just MIDI out, with Dorico’s transport?

It does not mean ReWire: it is simply that you can trigger MIDI devices for playback.