Discover Dorico On Upcoming 3.5.10

Just watched John Barron’s session this morning on the improvements in the upcoming Dorico 3.5.10 minor release.

Really appreciate some of the workflow improvements coming for Play Mode and Expression Maps, including being able to access and edit Playback Playing Techniques directly in Play Mode. Also the improvements to the Play lanes, where selection in Write mode now becomes an expanded lane with the focus when we shift to Play Mode, and the retention of enlarged lanes.

Good stuff.

I’m hoping the shift from 85% to 95% for that standard note length doesn’t mess with Noteperformer. John mentioned the new ability to override note lengths in Expression Maps, but I’m not sure how much work it would be to fix it. I’m sure you guys have thought this all through and it will be okay.

Thanks for your work!

As John mentioned somewhere in the video, there is a new option in expression maps to override the default playback lengths.

I guess there will be an updated NotePerformer expression map with 3.5.10 which overrides everything back to what NP expects. I think John implied that, even if he didn’t explicitly say it.

There is an option somewhere in Preferences to automatically update expression maps to the latest version.

NotePerformer is handled explicitly - if you’re using the NotePerformer expression map then the correct defaults for NP will be set up.

Great news yesterday! One question: John showed the abilitiy to align text to the systemic barline with staff text. Will this alignment also work in text frames? Would be great!

Great! Thanks Paul.

No, the new alignment option and property is only for Shift+X text items.

What a pity! I hope you will add this for flow headers and text frames as well in the future.

In Dorico Pro you can already set the justification/alignment of text in a text frame (including those that hold flow and project header tokens, etc.) to left, center, or right. You just cannot set multiple alignment/justification within a single text frame.

I know of course, but that is not really helpful in this case …

Then what are you trying to accomplish with Text Frames?

When I saw John talking about aligning to the systemic barline, I really was hoping for a solution to this request. But unfortunaltey I have to be patient.

Okay, I see what you are after.

(Personally I don’t see why having all Flow titles flush left is a problem; but if that’s the way you want it or the way your publisher insists on it, I can see why you ask for it.)

Why do you need to use flow headings, when text attached to the first note of the flow will do what you want automatically?

If you want a bigger vertical space before each verse, you can make a blank flow heading for that.

I just did a publication with 136 pages and about 50 flows. When you have page overrides on nearly every page, Dorico looses a lot of it’s magic …

Yep, but when you attach Shift-X text to the first beat of each flow then it doesn’t matter whether it’s one flow or 1000. None of them are overrides.

So far I didn’t have this possibility. Therfore I couldn’t give it a try. But I can’t use text tokens on shift-X text.

… and all the Layout options for Flow headings, like creating extra space between movements, are not available, so that I would have to do some manual tweaking as well and I predict, that it is less tweaking the way I am doing it at the moment. I will give it a try - together with blank flow headings.

Btw., this is not an uncommon wish. I can send lots of examples from publications, where subtitles are layouted this way, so I don’t think I am the only one, who would like to have such an option.

You can make a flow heading that doesn’t display anything (use the Flow Headings tab in the right hand panel in Engrave Mode) so I don’t really understand why “all the layout options for Flow headings are not available”.