Discover Dorico - online session

Hi all

Next week I’m doing the first of some online sessions that I’m calling ‘Discover Dorico’.
The first one will be Thursday 26th January at 4pm UK / GMT
(5pm in Germany; 11am in New York; 8am in LA; Midnight in Perth; 3am in Sydney - sorry).

You’ll be able to get involved / watch here:

But what would you like to talk about? If you have questions that this would be a good medium to show, please get in touch before the session by emailing

Thank you

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This would probably be 11am in New York.

Good point… I will edit the post, thank you.

Hi John:

I’m not sure whether this has been covered in other videos but I’d appreciate if you could give a practical example of how Dorico could facilitate the following workflow:

  • a film score with say one staff for 2 flutes, one for two oboes, one for two bassoons, two staves for 4 horns etc.
  • conductor score, in order to stay readable on tabloid format, has to have combined staves for the 2 flutes, two bassoons, two staves for 4 horns
  • but each player has to have his / her individual part

How do you do this without having to extract parts or create additional staves to which the combined flutes are extracted and then printed to parts? And how do the parts reflect that e.g. in certain bars only one of the two flutes is playing, will the other parts automatically have rests etc.

Hope this makes any sense - apologies for any duplication if this has already been covered elsewhere, haven’t used Dorico the last few weeks.


Hi Peter

This type of combining and separating out for parts isn’t quite there in Dorico yet (at least in the way I think you mean) but it is something that Daniel has mentioned is being planned.

The Discover session today will be on frames and various options including title pages and master pages.

nothing happenig here, so far…
Thursday 26th January at 5pm in Germany

No, it’s been sitting at starting soon for the last 10 minutes

Likewise :frowning: Here in Germany as well.

I’m very sorry, but due to a technical issue on the Dorico Youtube channel I’ve had to take over the Steinberg channel. Discover Dorico will be here instead:

Thanks John, when will you start?

image is fuzzy

If you click on the cog in the bottom right corner you can adjust the quality. Choose 720p and it should be much clearer.

Hope that helps.

Hey John, thanks for the session today. It was really helpful to go more in-depth in an area where, to be blunt, the documentation wasn’t quite helpful. My personal opinion is that as these sessions develop, it is very useful to go into the nitty-gritty stuff. I appreciate getting to know about features that I might otherwise be unaware. A followup question: is it possible to control the size of music on a frame by frame basis. For example, for one frame, to have it be 75% or 50% reduced in size? And how would you do that? Thanks!

You can change the default staff size in a given chain of frames by setting the global space size after creating a system break, which you can do even at the very beginning of the piece (i.e. at the implicit “break” that precedes the start of the piece). Select the break signpost and you’ll find an option in Properties to change the default staff size.

Thanks Daniel, that works so easily, I love it.

Yes, thanks for the session John - I picked up a lot from it. As well as the low level detail, more on how the different parts of Dorico - flows, layouts, frames, pages etc. - interact would be useful.

I’ve tried to go back over the video and do the flute worksheet myself but I discovered a snag. Selecting the double bar, [shift-B] doesn’t bring up the pop-up as it should, it does nothing. If I select the note before, it works, but is in the wrong place. Also, in the notations options, the behavior doesn’t work consistently and only works for the first flow, not the second as it should. (I noticed on the video that it had the opposite result when you did it: it applied to the second flow but not the first.) I’m confused because I would think that it should work the same as you demonstrate. FYI I’m on version 1.0.20 of the program.

I think you’ll need to select the barline, then press Enter on the main part of the keyboard to enter note input mode and then Shift + B to get the bars popover. I am using 1.0.20 in the video.

Regarding the Notation Options > Barlines - I only had one flow selected (from the left panel) when in the Notation Options dialog, so the change I made only affected that flow. I then showed manually changing it in the other flow with the Shift + B popover.
Normally you’d probably use the ‘select all’ button in the Notation Options dialog to select both / all flows before applying that change.
I probably didn’t show that well in the session, sorry.

Many thanks for the Tutorial, John. As no native english speaker it was difficult to me to follow your words, you are speaking very fast and - I don’t know the correct word - “undeutlich”. Too, the sound quality of the recording wasn’t good enough. For comparison: Daniel’s Youtube videos are easy to follow for me. Too bad, mainly because the themes are very interesting. May be next time this could be improved … Sorry!