Discover Dorico request - ties, dynamics & force duration

I’m hugely enjoying John Barron’s terrific series of Discover Dorico videos. One possibility for a future session could involve ties, dynamics and force duration. There is already a good discussion of ties from last May, but I still run into trouble sometimes when I’m entering, say, a crescendo that only goes for part of a long tied note. I’ve tried going invoking the cursor and moving it to where I want a crescendo to start, but then the crescendo is just one beat long. There is probably a more elegant way to do it, but I usually end up just using the scissors.

I don’t know if Force duration has been covered in these hangouts or not, but it might be useful to see a wizard like John using it, discussing when it’s most useful, etc.

Thanks Derrek - after mucking around it’s working a little better for me. First I invoked the cursor, used the arrow key to go to the last whole note in a tie chain, typed shift-D and >, and got nothing. But then if I hit the space bar, the > appears, although it’s too long. Then other times it’s too short! Checking the documentation just now, I see that I can use alt-shift arrow to lengthen or shorten dim./cresc, which is helpful.

Dear Stephen,
YOU decide the length of the hairpin when invoking caret, typing < or > and then the space bar. And the moment you decide is right BEFORE pressing the space bar : you select the rhythm value (select 1/16th note if you want to fine tune your hairpin). Each time you press the space bar, the hairpin will grow accordingly to that rhythmic value.
Hope it helps !


Very helpful. The more I read here, the more I learn.

Wow, thanks Marc, that is extremely helpful!