Discrepancies in "First Steps/Adding a Drum Set" Tutorial

I am working on “adding a drum set” and there are several differences between the “Ma Rainey” tutorial and the included project file.

  1. The tutorial is telling me to add a drumset but there is already a drum set in the players list. I do not think I am supposed to add another one.
  2. This existing drumset player does not exist in the full score layout as I am seeing it in the project. Am I supposed to make it visible? How?
  3. The illustration in the tutorial illustrates only a single group: “Group 1” with all instruments… whereas the project, when opened, contains 2 groups. Please see attachment.
    Please help me get on track with the tutorial so I can match groups, and add drum set to full score, etc.
    First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico (1.3 MB)

Another mistake on my part.

In Setup mode, select the drum set group, and press the Delete button. Delete both the player and the group.

You should then be able to follow the instructions in the guide.

Again, my apologies.

Thank-you Lillie. I deleted the Drum Set Player by using the “Trash Can”. I do not see any “Selete Group” menu option or icon. The “trash can” says “delete player” not group. Could you kindly direct me?

It doesn’t really matter, as long as you end up deleting the player and the group. If you click the group box around the drum set, you simply have the option to delete both in one go.

The same trash can “Delete Player” button works the same for players as well as player groups.

I already deleted the group using the menu but I am going to reload the project and attempt to find the “group Box”

Ok When I click the Drum set and attempt to highlight the “Gourp 2” associated, it only says “Delete Player and Patts” or “delete Player only”. No “Group Box”. What do I do to see what you see?

Ok The Trash Can did delete the group.

When I said “group box”, I just meant the whitish line that is shown in the Players panel to denote a group.

I will try deleting frum+group at some point Here is another discrpancy quesion:

In the “Adding a drum part” lesson: There is no “Edit Percussion Kit” available in the “three dots” menu at the bottom of the player panel. However, a “create empty kit” option does appear, and a five line staff opens. Can I assume this is what the tutorial wants to demonstrate?

Not a discrepancy: the guide isn’t referring to the three dots button at the bottom of the panel, but instead the three dots in the individual instrument label, up inside the Drum set player’s card. The green colour in the picture is an intentional hint!

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OK. Thanks. I should have noticed the position of the “down arrow” in the drummer “card” in the tutorial. Saw the “Edit percussion kit” menu item there.