Discrepancy between page and template without any override?

Here is the page Template

But the reality is quite different. It’s still producing an extra text box below that has the flow number and title tokens (not showing the actual flow title) and then up above it DOES have the flow title token where it should be from the template (but the flow title still does not actually appear).

I’ve applied the template, and ensured there are no overrides present, so how is the actual page so different from the template? Thank you.

That’s the Flow Heading which is showing:

I don’t understand. I have the token for FlowTitle, but it’s not showing?

I have show flow headings for all flows enabled, so shouldn’t it show?
Oh, so switching it to “never” got rid of the text box that wasn’t part of the template, AND it caused the top text box (that was formerly the project title but which I switched to flow title) to now display. I don’t understand why turning that off would now engage the flow title token in the top box, but this option does seem to have altered the behavior to what I was expecting/looking for!

Thank you!

There is another setting just below which hides the Flow TITLE token if the Flow HEADING is showing as well. (Because usually, you don’t want both of them.)