Discrepancy between text spacing in frames

I know the formatting in text frames changes when it’s being edited, and usually I can work around it, but this one is throwing me. I’m using a mix of Tab and Spacebar.

I know I can simply make a separate text frame for the additional stanza, so it’s not too difficult to fix. But I’m just posting this in case it’s helpful, and I would be interested to know what I’m missing here.

I’m wondering if it has to do with the addition of a Left Tab Stop property on that text frame.

File here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0rkppopt1nmizw/My%20Pleading%20Cry%20to%20God%20I%20Raise%20(Psalm%20142)_gibc_625TEST.dorico?dl=0

I can’t offer any specific insight here, I’m afraid. When I open your project on my computer, which is using the standard Minion Pro fonts, both the second and third lines of verse 6 are indented by one tab stop too many, but they look the same both inside and outside the editor.

It seems to have fixed itself for me as well, no idea how. No worries.