Discrepancy between Write & Print view with Hebrew text

I’ve prepared a score and added a text frame with some text in Hebrew.
Looking at it in Write view it seems fine, but when I switch to Print view some Right-to-Left issues crop up, such as reversed parentheses and full stops jumping to the beginning of sentences.
I’m guessing that playing around and finding the right font might solve this eventually, but it would be nice to have a full correlation between Write and Print views…

Does it actually print (or export) correctly?

Good question benwiggy!
I didn’t actually export it before because I was sure it would export what it shows on screen, but the export is actually re-corrected and looks fine.
Still, I’d call this an issue as the Print view should show exactly what you eventually get…

There are other errors with print view. Sometimes it displays the wrong page size, but Dorico still prints/exports on the right size. I tried “everything” last week to get a correct preview in one project, I gave up and exported and it was fine.

Unfortunately the print preview doesn’t always match the eventual output exactly. This is due to some limitations in the print preview widget provided by the Qt framework on which Dorico is built. If you have any doubts, it’s always worth exporting a PDF instead, as it only takes a moment, and you can be sure that you are seeing the actual output.

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