Discussion: XML Score Exchange

Here lately I’ve picked up more clients that want scores ready to go in a number of formats.

I’ve access to the latest versions of Dorico, Sibelius, Finale, and MuseScore.

I’m curious about some of the best practices people have developed to get Cubase scores exported and imported with the least fuss. Particularly with the Percussion staves (the most muddled mess for me so far).

Which app does the best job of importing the Cubase generated XML directly for you? I’ve noticed that while one might get the notes and slurs well, it messes up the hair-pin crescendos. Another gets the crescendos correct, but messes up the slurs and ties. Then there are the multitudes of methods different apps like to use for ‘mapping’ the percussion instruments.

Please consider sharing your experiences, successes, and failures here in regard to generating XML with Cubase and importing it into other apps.

If there is some set of rules/procedures for percussion staves that’ll translate well into the leading Notation packages, I’d love to learn about that as well.

I’d also be interested in opinions/experiences with PDF printer drivers. The one that ‘comes with’ windows seems to jack up the quality of scores generated by Cubase, while the xps printer has enough options to get a tack sharp ‘non-lossy’ image. What PDF drivers would you recommend that doesn’t blur out content with so many fine straight lines (both free and commercial options)?