dish cache overload spike start/stop

iv’e tried to find out on the old site about the cache disk over load and all i can find is people having problems with the mix down , now my problem is :
sx3 was running perfect for 6+ years with no issues at all but now ive upgraded to 5.5 and c6 everytime i use the hui rewind and forward and also the keyboard start/stop the disk cache meter spikes up to overload ,is this normal in c5 and c6 as ive never had an issue with it on sx3 UNTIL c5 was installed .its only a spike and drops down to nil again after ,but using a project with 12 audio tracks running with cpu on less than 10% it does it even event ive mentioned , is that just the way it is or is there a work around ? (im crap with pc’s )
sorry for bringing this subject up again but i looked and found no answers else where .



IIrc… The disk performance metering was updated between C3. (something) and later versions to more accurately reflect disk usage, hence the flurry of activity you see on FF/RW and other actions that require a lot of disc caching.

cheers split

ended up formatting a drive just in case ,strange that i couldn’t find anything on about it , i found the thread about disk cache spike while mixdown , im crap when it comes to pc diagnostics anyway lol but thanks :smiley:


hey filterfreak,
haha, i experience the same thing, but actually there’s nothing to worry about… Last time i thought my proccesor couldnt handle cubase, i end up upgrading to Quad 9400,hahaha, and it still there!! :mrgreen:

That’s normal activity. It will spike (even with just a few tracks) because for that milisecond or two, it has to re-synchronize it’s location against all other active files. (Something like that at least). SX3 did it the same way, the meter just didn’t show it.