Disk Cache issue in Cubase 12

Hi All,

Really hoping someone can help with this super annoying issue i’ve been having.
I’m constantly getting Disk Cache spikes which is causing audio drop outs.
This is happening all the time regardless of how big a project is, even if its just a few audio files.

My PC specs are:
Windows 11
B550 AORUS PRO V2 Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 09 5900X
64GB ram
and all hardrives are SSD.

Ive searched high and low for a solution to this but cant find any…
Can anyone help please? :pray:

Have you tried to run latency mon and checked what processes are running
Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks
How old are your Ssd’s ?
Is your bios upto date ? have you had any recent windows updates ?

Hi FilterFreq, thanks for your response.

I did run LatencyMon but im not exactly sure what i need to be looking for? can u maybe assist me with this?
Although it does say -
Conclusion: Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts.

I have a few SSDs, 2 of them which i store my samples on are about 5 years old, maybe 6.
My main OS SSD is brand new.

I will double check now to make sure my BIOS is updated.

Graphics card ?
What clock speed are you running your pc at , is it overclocked ?
Would it be possible to try another drive ? Could you Back up a project to a different drive to try and eliminate a drive at a time ?
Have you run Win task manager while you have Cubase open ?

Also, make sure you have excluded the Cubase executable from any antivirus realtime scanner (like windows defender).

Graphics Card - Radeon RX 570 series

Theres a pic of my clock speed. Im not aware of whether or not im overclocking it though?

I ran task manager whilst playback and as u can see on the pic.
There are big spikes on Disk 3 which is the SSD which my samples are stored, These are samples that im using in the project during playback.
Would that be an indication that theres something wrong with that SSD?

Could be , If i was you i would go to the pool , consolidate your samples to the project folder and then ’ back up ’ the project to a different drive and see if the same happens

thanks for the tips Filter Freq.

I backed up to my project drive and im running the samples off of there which seems to have solved the issue.
Is it fair to assume that i should maybe get a new SSD? :woozy_face:

I would suggest replacing it to be on the safe side , you could always reformat the one that’s spiking after transferring your samples across and do some testing to see if reformating removed any faulty segments

for sure, thanks for the help with this!

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