Disk Cache Meter Spikes Affecting Performance

Disk Cache Meter Spikes Affecting Performance.

Please view the youtube video.


Looks normal to me.

Why are the Disk Cache spikes fluctuations so inconsistent though ? sometimes it doesnt spike at all, sometimes 25% , sometimes 50%, 75%, 100%+ ?

Im working my way upto capturing a 100% VST Performance spikes which happen consistently in every single one of my projects, it can start happening with only 1 VST or a few audio files loaded. This will cause a unresponsive flicker and audio artifact glitch before cubase refreshes and resyncs to what it was doing. I can’t just say that this is normal and acceptable because it isn’t for my situation.

All i can say is Cubase 7 and 8 have been running like garbage on my system (see specs in signature) and I can not figure out how to improve performance.

I have tested 2 different cpus i7950 and i7960
I have tested 2 different graphic cards AMD 7970 and NVIDIA GTX970
I have tested 3 different sets of RAM and different slot configurations using different amount of RAM sticks (1 stick, 2 sticks, 3sticks)
I have tested using a HDD and SSD for Windows C:\ drive
I have tested replaced CMOS battery and flashed BIOS to newest and original BIOS versions

I have been through several Windows 7 reformats which have provided a very clean testing platform to try and observe any performance differences / improvements.
Nothing has worked to improve Cubase performance on my system specs and im sick of it. I experience the exact same issues no matter what.
The last thing worth mentioning is that I do not experience any kind of Windows 7 or general programs issues that would suggest system instability, it seems specifically related to when I am using Cubase.

Im fairly convinced there is alot of room for fine tuning improvements under the hood of Cubase with how it is handling and processing these types of things etc

Any additional thoughts ? Any comments are good ones at this point in time , forums seem generally dead and un-inspiring.

Can you confirm if this Disck Cache behaviour is the same for you when using a small audio file or a empty audio event ? and do your Transport Controls cause the meter to spike aswell ?

Well your video shows disk activity when you move audio clips around, that is normal.
If it is showing disk activity on a small project during play or record or even causes any audible glitches it is not normal. If the later is true i would suggest looking into drivers, especially for the hard drive controller. And doing the usual optimization, running the CPU full throttle etc.