Disk Cache overload after 8.5 upgrade

After upgrading from Artist 8.0.20 to Artist 8.5.20 i can no longer record without disk cashe overload. It takes a minute or so to kick in when restarting Cubase but then persists.This has never happened to me in 8.0.20.

Here’s the weird bit, I hadn’t deleted version 8.0.20:

  • Opening the project in 8.0.20 the problem appears here too now
  • Deleted 8.5.20, but problem still persists with 8.0.20.
  • Restored the entire drive from a backup before 8.5.20 was installed and now 8.0.20 works just fine again!?

Scared to re-install 8.5. If anyone has any ideas I’d love to know!

MacBook Pro mid 2012
2.9GHz i7
8G ram
250G SSD
Presonus Firestudio interface

Has has the artist version "automatic hitpoint detection " ?
The pro version has, and it is on by default.

Peakae, yes it has, and i’ve had it turned on in 8.0.20 with no issue.

Ok strange, could be the preferences get corrupted.
If you try again and get the same problem, try starting Cubase in safe mode to temporarily use the default prefs.