Disk Cache overload audio dropout

Im getting disk cache overload and audiodropout. Cannot playback or record on Cubase 6 full.
Im using Windows home premium 64 bit with Cubase 6 Full retail 64 bit
Core i7 2600s processor
8 gb ram( edr 3-1333)(1333 megahertz a sec)
HD 6570 video card
1.5 terrabyte(7200 rpm- 64 mb cache) western digital hard drive
Please if anyone can help me I can get back to work!!! Right now Im on standstill!! Give Thanks
p.s. ive tried to run off of an external toshiba 3.0 harddrive as well but my usb port is 2.0 so i dont know if that matters but i get the same results internal or external. If anyone has info please help. bless
My audio interface is tha focusrite scarlett 18i6 and it seems to make cubase act a little unstable

Not familiar with the Focusright. I presume you have been to their website and have the latest drivers or consulted any forum they have to see if there are any ongoing problems.
If you have an onboard soundcard then try using that and see if stability returns. Also download Reaper, a free unlimited DAW trial software, and see if there are any improvements or if it’s the same story there.

Failing any advice here then contact the support of both companies and see if they can help. If there is an ongoing problem between the two you might get a quick fix.

You could also change the name of the thread and include “Focusright” in it so anyone with the same model will be more likely to answer and maybe give advice of their own.

!Disk cache overload could also signal a faulty hard drive, bad sectors or bad defragmentation. I’d look there first to rule that out as the last two can be dealt with.

Just looked here: http://www.focusrite.com/answerbase/en/article.php?id=1143
Although you may well have been here I noticed that one immediate advise was to disconnect any other usb devices. You could try that to see if anything changes.
I noticed in the instructions for my new soundcard (Roland) that driver installation should be done with all other usb devices unplugged so you could try reinstalling the driver if that is the case with yourself.
I hope it’s that simple.

You may also try to increase Disk Preload cache (In Device Setup / VST Audio System), if that makes any difference. Also make sure you have no any power saving options enabled on your PC (Windows Power saving options, BIOS setting for Speed stepping/C1E) and have Steinberg Audio Power Scheme activated.

Give thanks it seemed at first the problem was the input selection. I had mono in stereo out and when i changed it to stereo in stereo out i was straight for a couple days then out of the blue disck cash spike again then audio dropout.
I wasnt doing any recording or adding effects only editing. So im at a loss cant figure!!