Disk Cache Overload - only 1 bar, on 1 audio track

Cubase 6.5, 64bit, Win7, 1 TB harddrive, Intel-i7, 32GB RAM.

I got a bursty audio flicker on one track (looped/stretched audio), and it occurred constantly on 1 single specific bar on 1 specific audio track, but only there. The Disk Cache Overload was indicated on the Transport Panel.

I have only seen this problem once, ever. It had nothing to do with performance.
Even when all other tracks were muted, it still occurred.
If I copied over another audio sample to that specific audio track, to that bar, the problem persisted, but only for that bar, and that audio track.


  1. Created a new empty fresh audio track. Copied all bars and automation from the broken track.
  2. Deleted the old corrupt track.

Problem solved!