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I was a cubase 5 user, then sold it and then recently came back to Cubase with cubase 6.5 and subsequently Cubase 7. I’ve found that Cubase 7 is really not my thing, still running OSX 10.6.8 and preferred Cubase 5. I know it is possible to run Cubase 5 using my current license and dongle so does anyone have any idea where i can get a Cubase 5 disc image so that i could use that instead of Cubase 7? I’ve already tried the ftp site and the Cubase 5 installer folder is empty.

How many forums are you going to post the same question in? :confused:


From the Steinberg FTP server:

Which are no full installers though…

recomendably ask somebody in your town for a Cubase 5 DVD… there’s no way to download a full install as far as I know…
the other way would be to ask steinberg directly…
In my case ( i wanted a sx3 version) they recomended me to ask a local dealer or the steinberg representant for demo version.
Like this I got an old SX3 install CD… but I am not sure if these demo DVD’s are still around for cubase 4 and 5 and higher I mean.