Disk Index on or off on Sample Drive

At the moment I don’t have the windows index switched on on my 4tb sample drive, what i am interested to know is if the media bay would work quicker search wise if i put it on, I suppose i’m curios to know if the Cubase media data base is connected to the disc index in any way.

Also I’ve had the mediabay db on the same hard drive as the samples again wondering if it works better on my system SSD

The media bay gets a tough time on these forums but i love it and use it all the time once you customise it all and tag it to your own desire its really good. But it has taken me nearly a year to finish doing it.



They are unrelated, mediabay is using its own database “.db”
One of the reasons I don’t want to use time setting up mediabay .
To easy to loose it all.