'Disk is full' audio won't record

Hi all.

Been having issues with ‘disk is full’ message for a while now. I’ve spoken to dell support to see if there’s a driver issue. They had no clue about any of this. I’ve also done a latency test and this was the results:

Now with disabling throttling, I was in the process of downloading software to enable me to do this, however I’ve been advised against doing this as it can of course harm the computer.

I have 79.9 gigs of memory left. Is that enough?

What else could I try?

Just following up on this. Is there anything else I can try?

Does Cubase offer remote or telephone support? I know I’ve asked this before but I never actually found out the answer…

It seems odd that the only real help is on the Steinberg forum…

Sometimes you get this message when there are to many files in the root of your disk.

Not sure how you are saving the files.
If the directory has too many characters and too deep, you may encounter this
Example : C:\cubase\projects\year 2022\January\project for sam\trials 0024\album abcdefgh\song01\saved013\qwertyuiopasdfghrwegkjsa revision 23
I think there is a limit of characters in windows.
You can copy and paste but applications won’t open or save those files or report disk full error.
Happened in my office server with excel or word trying to save.
The above might help you, I hope.

Thank you very much, finally solved!

Turned out that it had been creating a ton of ‘audio’ folders with no files in so I just deleted them all.