DISK is full-- can't record what should I do?

DISK Is Full–What Should I Do?

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What is it full of? That might explain what your next move should be.

Is there a Cubase related question or problem hiding within your post somewhere?

Details, man, details …

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There might be some Steinberg download files that you don’t really need to keep after install. They can be large. Check your disk for large files and see if there are duplicates. If you archive them (and do remember exactly where you deleted them from – it should be from “downloads”, not from “program files”), you’ll likely find that nothing goes wrong. You can restore them if you make a mistake.

If you have an SSD, you want to have a good percentage of free space at all times (20%, 30%, maybe more). Otherwise you’ll overtax what free space you have with write operations on every temporary file your computer sees fit to make. The SSD lifespan depends on how many write operations you do, so it tries to share the load among all the free inodes. You disk fails when you’ve crossed the limit for any part of it, so you want a lot of free space available to delay that day.

Drivers take up space, try uninstalling Any you don’t need. You can uninstall hidden drivers on the device manager and selecting (view hidden) from one of the menus

You might be thinking of something else than “drivers”. Drivers take up very little space. In contemporary terms it’s entirely negligible. My “MOTU” folder for example is only 30MB.

Are you on windows if so Windows keeps a copy of all update files on your comp so remove all files , i found it gave me 25gb last time . BUT without any other info how can anyone know what disk your talking about

Like Scab Pickens wrote it depends on what “it” is full with. And is it only one drive?

You can reclaim space by trashing items and then emptying trash and by running Windows services that get rid of unused items. I found the following (I haven’t read it through in detail yet):

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11 (windowsreport.com)

I freed up 10GB removing drivers a few days ago for one reason another. But then again my system is absolutely bogged down — but Yh I was surprised because as you said I didn’t think they took up that much space

If it’s as much as 10GB you either have a massive amount of gear hooked up to your computer (over time) or the “drivers” you removed weren’t just drivers, but also associated software. So you could for example install drivers to use a video card or audio interface and those drivers really should be tiny, but the installers may come with a bunch of control software ranging from tuning your gaming experience and video card performance to audio mixers with plugins for interfaces with built-in DSP etc.

I’ve never seen an actual driver be large. Ever.

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Ahh yeah you’re right, I did get the option to delete software too so it would’ve been that. & yeah I’ve had a lot of devices over the years & never uninstalled properly. Lesson learned!

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You’re not the only one :slight_smile:

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I found that I had a massive amount of stuff in my downloads file, which I then deleted. Perhaps you need, as has already been suggested, to empty the recycle bin.

It doesn’t help that there is no info on your system I am presuming a laptop, Can you remove a lot of stuff to an external drive or perhaps image and install a larger drive