"disk overload occured during export" bug with missing fille


Today I had an annoying problem in cubase 6.5.3 when I was trying to real time export a song of mine. I kept having this disk overload error and went investigate.

I discovered that this error had to do by the fact that I ended up with some missing files because I changed the project from 44k1 to 48khz. I thought I converted all the files but as cubased asked if I wanted to keep the samples on the same place I said no. Big mistake because everything was shifted around. At that moment I just quit cubase , restarted the project but then some of the files got missing.

Own fault because I didn’t save. ANyway I needed to revise the project anyway. And the missing files wern’t so importat. THey were some sound effects that I could re add easily, and voice samples that I processed with melodyne in a previous session.

Anyway so here we were, being with a bunch of missing files. SOme voices were present, the others were somehow missing. If I removed the parts containing the missing files, and I exported that part of the song, the bug (disk overload error) wouldn’t occur. When I replaced the part that was supposed to contain a wav but was missing, the project would throw that same error on the same place.

So there must be something wrong what happens when you change the sample rate of a project and some files get moved around or some get missing by making user mistake like i did.

i still can’t be 100% sure why this happened but I know how I solved it. I hope that’s some information someone could use.



I (and I am sure many others) get the disk overload error without a sample rate conversion, and without missing files. Glad to hear you got your problem sorted, but this error is not due to missing files.


well it was for me. And it’s not the sample rate conversion itself it’s just somehow i managed cubase in to tricking to delete “unused files” that existed, because i did 2 things:

  1. pressed NO on the question of keeping samples on the same position. For some reason the whole speed, position and range of the samples change. It was wrong of me to choose “no” because whole my project got screwed up because of that.
  2. when I started the project next time, a whole bunch of files were missing and were shown as empty frames in the part that had multiple lanes. Removed the part: no disk error, undeleted the part. disk error.

I’ve tried this several times to verify. I could actually make a project and try to reproduce that same thing just to track this.