Disk Overload

I’ve been trying to export a stereo mixdown of a two track session. The session was recorded at 88.2khz. When i attempted to export as a wma file, it gave the disk overload error. Subsequently when i try it, cubase locks up. I can export it as a wav file, which is totally useless to me. Any suggestions anyone?

I just had this exact same problem. Recorded at 88.2, am running Cubse 5.5.3 on Windows 7. Tried exporting a stereo file - exported fine as an mp3, wav, w64 file. BUT when I try exporting as an wma, I get the disk overload error - after a long wait.

Anyone have any suggestions how to fix. I am pretty sure this is a software bug, but apparently no fixes available. Why do I say this? Because I have the latest download for Cubase 5 … am at 5.5.3.