Disk Spike when stopping a recording

Hi Everyone!

Why does the Disk Spike after recording? I noticed this is associated with a pause before bring the playhead back to the start (which is what my settings tell it to do).

I am running a high quality NVME over PCIe internally, with a 10980xe overclocked to 4.7ghz, however this is a massive template with thousands of tracks.

Anyways to cut down the time after stopping a recording and being able to control Cubase again? What is happening internally within cubase?


If you mean Audio track recording, the file you have been recorded is finally written to the disk. And a new file(s) (for the record enabled track(s)) is/are created.

Auto save? If recording I think it waits till stopped.


Yes, you are right, this is other task triggered after recording stop.

I’m actually thinking of midi not audio.

Is there any way to prevent auto save after recording?

Yes. Turn off Auto Save.


What is the output? Is it an external hardware synth or is it a VSTi?

VSTi to an instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro


Then lots of sample libraries might be involved.

Like I said, this is a very very large project (over 150mb project file). I’m just wondering why after stopping after a midi record there’s movement on the disk? Is the project info not all stored in Ram? Can I force the new recording to stay in ram (I have plenty of space left in Ram).


Do you have any Arturia plug-ins in the project? There is a known issue with the latest release.

If Auto Save is on, it still has to save the project file. As mentioned before, is Auto Save on?

Auto Save is OFF. Only VSTi’s that are loaded is VEP 7.

Is ASIO Guard on? It may need to calculate and save a temp file of the new material. Honestly not sure exactly what ASIO Guard does with that. It could also be saving some historical information for Undo functions. You may have to ask one of the developers.

ASIO Guard is OFF. Yeah, I would very much like to get in touch with the developers about this. With the amount of Ram I have I very much would like to not write a temp file, and the extra pause when this happens is messing up the flow of the writing.


ASIO Guard doesn’t save any file. Please read more about ASIO Guard here.

Thanks. I am not really interested in how it works. It was just a suggestion.