Disk spikes on SATA 3

I’m having disk spikes on a track with over a hundred small files!

When I play back these small files from my SATA 3 internal Audio only disk I get spikes and dropouts in Nuendo 6, when I play the same files from a standard USB 2.0 disk it plays fine??!!
In Nuendo 5.5.4 there are no such issues from the SATA 3 disk.
The disk gives a speedy readout of over 130 Mb/s and is not fragmented…

What is going on here?..is Nuendo 6 not compatible with small files on SATA (3) disks?

There are no issues with longer files!!!..I’m talking about files of a few seconds length…

Anyone, any ideas?

I figured out today, it had to do with references in the pool window, to old files with the same title.
Deleted these and voila…no more drop-outs!