Disney Genre - C6 Elements

It’s a short duration designed for a processional part of a wedding. I’m not really after any criticism in the orchestration or composition, but I’m not very experienced with mixing/mastering so some more experienced ears than mine giving criticism would be great. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking your time to listen.


Well, I’m no expert on mixing orchestral samples, so I’ll just say, I think it works for what you intended!

Thanks Early ^^ Go through phases of thinking it sounds alright and not good enough. Interesting seeing what others think :stuck_out_tongue:

not much to go on there being so short and very little variation, it sounds good although it lacks some bottom end to round it out. I find everybody who has these orchestra collections all sound the same so the creativety has to really shine to stand out from all the others.

Thanks for your thoughts and time, much appreciated! There is enough to go on though since I specified it’s for the processional part of a wedding (and not just a random thought up spontaneous thing :stuck_out_tongue: ) which will last a very specific length of walking down the aisle so lots of variation is not what the bride wants I’m afraid. Making the person happy overrides wild creativity :stuck_out_tongue: Getting the sound/mixing to sound more authentic is something to work on though :smiley:

Different perspectives are always nice. I’ll take the bass into consideration, I do find it tricky to get the levels right even testing it on various types of speakers/headphones. Always looking to improve mixing.

I know what you’re saying about standing out with so many using these sample libraries and you’re right that everyone using these libraries does sound the same near enough, and as irritating as it is there’s not much you can really do about it unless you have awesome friends :wink: Hiring those kinds of orchestras and recording studio time for so many players ain’t cheap, unfortunately :smiley: Would be pretty awesome if a brides budget stretched to that :laughing:

I always thought a great way to use these libraries was to think in terms of where procol harum left off.
1:38 is one quick trip down the isle, :stuck_out_tongue: , I think you’d have to loop it a couple times. :laughing:
thats where I thought some variation could work, like for example an attention grabbing intro that it was about to start leading into your middle theme and then finishing with something. but of course my own humble opinion.

Very nice, Johnathan. It sounds quite realistic – what library is that? I’m guessing it’s LASS :sunglasses:

If someone requests a 2:30 then that’s what will happen, this one had to be 1:30-1:40 though so that’s what I did :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your time listening and it’s actually East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings, twilightsong, so guess it doesn’t sound exactly like everyone else ;p I did like some of the demos for LASS, but HS suits me more. Happy with every penny/cent it cost :slight_smile:

(sorry for such late replies, been moving and stuff, barely getting time to listen to others stuff on this forum right now.)