Dispatch different midi tracks to different vst tracks

Hi forum,

i’ve got Cubase 12 Artist. I want to dispatch midi data to either a bass instrument track or a lead instrument track. But i need multiple midi tracks for lets say intro, main, outro. So every midi track has it’s own bass and lead vst track. This is at least what i am trying to accomplish. At the end i want to switch the midi track with my midi keyboard and instantly play the right bass/lead vst.

How can i do this? I am a bit confused about the options for midi out/in of a single track. I would assume that the midi track gets it’s input from my Arturia KeyLab, but the vst tracks gets it’s input from the midi track. But obviously it’s not working that way.

I would be very grateful for a short guide on how to implement my scenario. Thanks in advace.


Are you trying to play live or record? If live I don’t know how you can change tracks in Cubase from your keyboard but you may be able to assign a key command to one of your buttons on the keyboard.
If your recording then why not just record on all tracks at on go and remove what you don’t want from each or just play the bass and lead separately as most do.
If you are using multiple lead and bass sounds then you need an instrument track for each


the goal is a setup for live recording/playback. Switching between tracks isn’t the problem. I’ve already assigned the buttons to jump to the next/previous track.

My problem is how to setup multiple midi tracks where every “active” midi track dispatches low notes to a seperate bass vst track and high notes to a seperate lead vst track.


It’s not clear from your description exactly what you are trying to do. Cubase doesn’t have anything called a “vst track” - I’m guessing you probably probably mean a VST Rack Instrument?

If so that implies you are using MIDI Tracks rather than Instrument Tracks. Doing so, while a totally legit approach, will require you to explicitly manage your MIDI Routing and generally creates both more work & more opportunities for error. For most tasks using Instrument Tracks will be easier. So you might want to consider switching.

The classic way to solve your issue is to use different MIDI Channels for the Lead and Bass if your keyboard controller supports a split. If not the Project Input Transformer can mimic a split.

You might also want to check out the documentation for All MIDI Inputs so you are clear on how it behaves.

Hi raino,

thanks for your reply. Well, i’ve meant instrument track when i was talking about vst track. I want to do all the splitting in cubase.

I have tried to set up a project input transformer. There is a preset called split midi keaboard into to channels. Notes >=C3 gets 2, otherwise it remains 1. I’ve also set up two instrument tracks. One with channel 1 and the other with channel 2. But both still play at the same time. The same happens when i am using transform as midi insert effect.

But like i said, my final goal is to switch between some tracks like intro, main, outro and everyone has it’s own bass/lead vst. So, the splitting must be on midi track level, not global or project level.


Ok, i’ve got it. I’ve missed to set the midi channel within the vst. I thought it would be fine to set the channel in the inspector of the cubase track. Strange.

Ok, i’ve managed to split tracks without touching the channel settings within the VST itself. The channel within the vst is always set to all.

What i did:

  • I’ve created a midi track. In the inspector of the midi track i’ve set input to my midi keyboard and output to not connected and channel to all.

  • I’ve created two instrument tracks and set the favorite vst for bass and lead. In the inspector of both instrument tracks i’ve set the input to not connected, but both with different channels. For example bass track = 3 and lead track = 4.

  • I’ve created two transformer midi send effects of the midi track. For the lead i’ve set type equal note and value 1 less or equal C3. As action i’ve set delete. So, all notes <= C3 gets deleted and the rest gets routed. As destination i’ve set the lead vst and the channel of the lead track. The other transformer deletes the higher notes >C3 and routes the lower part to the bass track.

This way, i can create multiple midi tracks. I’ve hide all instrument tracks. So i can switch only through the midi tracks. Maybe there is a more elegant solution.


Take care with the Channel Number setting on the Tracks. Intuitively it seems that the Channel Number setting on the Track should control the MIDI Channel the Track is “listening” to. But that’s not what it does. The Tracks are always listening (and recording) to ALL the MIDI Channels unless you are using the Input Transformer to filter out Channels.

What the Track setting does control is the MIDI Channel used for playback. So if you have a MIDI Part that has Notes on Channels 1, 2 & 3 and set the Track’s Channel to 3, then all of those Notes will playback on Channel 3 even the ones recorded on Channels 1 & 2. But if you change the Track’s Channel setting to “Any” then it will play back on the channels they were recorded with.