Display a different key signature on a non-transposing instrument

I wrote the full score, in the key of Gb, but would like to display the Flute 2 part in the key of C, to make everything display as an accidental. No transposition, just changing the displayed key.

Also, I would like to display the Guitar in the key of E. Again non-transposing.

For now, I just changed the key signature, printed the part, then changed it back. Obviously, this is not an ideal solution.

Any ideas? Am I just missing something easy?

Select the first note in the flute 2 staff; shift K, C alt enter.
The same method for the guitar, but another key…
Alt( option on Mac )enter changes only the key of the selected staff.

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Thank you! I had been doing the alt enter wrong. I was in note entry, instead of just selecting the note/rest.