Display Bug ? What am I missing ?

Could some one help me please …
In my last version ( N 6.5.40) when I’m dragging a clip to line up manually to other clips, their color has been inheriting the original track’s color ( not the waveform itself, but their background ) it stays the same.
Now in N7 as soon as I move them, they turn white with overlaps showing !
This is quite disturbing for my particular way of working.
I’m sure there is a preference setting/option for this…could you guys tell me how it could be changed ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

thanx in advace,


Clips move turns background and text info all white.
What am I missing ?

I am trying to illustrate this :
It was in my previous N versions and that is how I’d like it be:

Nuendo 7 gives me this;

Is this a new bug ? Do I miss some preference setting ?
I would really love to hear a solution to this.
Any help would be appreciated

While this thread is bumped, I’d like to add another little annoyance I’m dealing with;
It looks to me that the last used project’s window setting becomes a “Global” setting.
I don’t remember having this in earlier versions.

Like the horizontal zoom, playback cursor, track heights and inspector selection ( I was using fader on an older session which was saved, now it opens up with the most recent setting of “surround panner” )

Do I miss a preference or any other preset ?

Anyone experiencing this ?

If Nuendo has inherited the Cubase color adjustments, it is a Preference setting that set the opacity when dragging.

Not at my DAW, so I can’t tell you in more detail, but it is under the color>editing settings in the prefs.

Hello Grabber…

I’m happy to receive the first response, thanx !
Could you be more specific where exactly this opacity thing might reside ?
I don’t see it in the pref list :cry:
I have never used, nor installed any Cubase versions.

“I was hoping this would be changed back to normal in N7, but it looks like it might not be.”

Sorry, I don’t get this …
This is something brand new in N7. I’ve never seen it before.
At least on my end…
Can you guys grab and move a clip without the whiteout effect ?

…and I can not find any preference entry named “opacity”

Cubase seems to have a lot more options than Nuendo in this department. Cubase also seems to have nicer event name display. I wonder why this is.

Here is hoping and crossing fingers that all this will be addressed in the next upcoming maintenance package.

I think issues are reported in the “General” section with the title [ISSUE] “description”, and then gets moved to the “issue” section when it’s been confirmed, or something like that…