display bug


i have a bug going on with nuendo 6.5.4 on pcW7x64.
at one point i get a serious error message. sometime two or more in cascade.
when i close all the window nuendo is super slow like “stop-motion”.
and the display is buged like the one i got today : http://tinyurl.com/nnh22j8
i can save the session though.
this bug happen when i manipulate multiple miditracks at once i think. i use 16 for the lass divisi and i think when open close editor or something like this i get the bug.
or when i open the inspector also

anyone had this ?

For me I think it’s when win7.64 resets the usb bus and my beringer bcf2000 stops working. If I switch off the controller everything works again. The controller issue is also when N6 is closed and I’m using it for the total mix mixer.

It’s a bit weird because if I use the controller for a mix session it works fine, mostly, but if I leave it, either because I’m editing audio or if I take a coffee break it stops working and makes N6 stutter.