display currently played chord (like logic)

I know, I should know my chords - but I really miss this feature. Just somewhere…

Check out the Status Line in the Key Editor, there is a field called “Current Chord Display.” If you don’t see it click on the Gear button to make it visible. This will show what’s under the cursor.

Also in the Key editor, if you select a bunch of notes it will tell you their chord in the Inspector’s Chord Tab.

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Yeah, but it doesn’t do what Logic does, which is to display the chord being played on the keyboard in real time, regardless of what’s in the editors.


That would be nice. Seems like they already have a lot of what’s needed to do this because the Chord Editor can figure out played chords in real time. If they made it into a MIDI Insert like MIDI Monitor it could be used on a track-by-track basis for either controller input or recorded MIDI



a very good solution for Realtime Chord Analyzing is to use the"Context Gate" (Midi plugin)
in cubase. You can switch this plugin to show incoming chords (!)

Cool. It does indeed show the chord names (although a bit visually buried). Only available on Artist & above.

I use MIDI Gate a fair amount, yet I’d never even noticed that Context Gate existed before.

This should be in every version! This is a fantastic feature in logic and it is great for streaming, teaching, and helps to learn music theory!

Thanks! it does the job!