Display/edit volume automation event values

Before upgrading to Cubase Pro 11, one feature I had in Cubase Pro 8.5 is an area just above the inspector that showed the values of an event in a volume automation track when you click on a keyframe/node (I think Cubase calls this an event) on the automation volume line. One of the values that would display is the volume level for that event, or node. I could type into that field to set a precise volume level, instead of dragging the event node up or down. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to display that in Cubase Pro 11. I checked the online user manual but I might not be using the correct terminology, so I’m not finding it. The screen shot below shows what I mean, from 8.5. I’d really appreciate it if anybody can tell me how to display this.

The configuration for that is at the very top right hand side when clicking on the cog wheels:


The upper cog wheel lets you configure the visibility of entire areas

And once you have enabled the “Info Line” in that upper one, that entire line should now appear and the cog wheel on that “Info Line” line allows you to show and hide individual items for the currently selected track item.

i.e. select an automation point first and then the right things should show up under the cog wheel on the very right hand side of the Info Line

Thanks Nico5. I actually found that just before your reply came in. I went to try to edit my post but it wasn’t showing up yet. All good now! :slight_smile:

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