Display Fresh Rate issue

Please add forced rendering of the interface at 60Hz in the settings.
Today’s powerful laptop displays are ramping up refresh rates at a crazy pace.
started with 120Hz and now 360Hz is not uncommon…

the problem: is that the manufacturer of the panels, or the laptop itself,
blocks at the hardware level the ability to manually select any frequency other than the maximum …
that always creates an unnecessary and meaningless load on gpu and cpu.
We dont need it, it not gaming.

For example, in the Mozilla browser - we can force set any FPS.
i limited it to and now my gpu doesn’t go crazy with any stupid animation trying to draw it in 144hz…it’s awful.

Please, add the same limiter to cubase. now it loads the gpu too much, in playing …

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please fix it soon, i think it is not so difficult fix…

UP !!!
Please fix.

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