Display glitch in Dorico 3 "Apply Playback Template" window


I am seeing some strange display glitch in the Dorico Apply Playback Template window:
Dorico weird display.PNG
There are four shapes to the right of the template names. It looks like some kind of graphic is blown up too big and then cut off at the bottom.

That’s the “Factory” icon, indicating that it’s a factory template as opposed to a user one.

Oh. That’s supposed to look like a factory? I guess I see it now, but it looks more like a finger or modern art. That’s why I thought it was a glitch. Thanks.

Well I have to admit it looks weird to me, too, but there’s a thing at the bottom of the dialog explaining that it’s a factory setting (or if there isn’t, it’s explained in the version history. I have to confess I’m not sitting in front of Dorico this second.)