Display glitchy scrolling/flickering with new monitor?

I have just upgraded my pair of AOC e2795vH monitors for a single Dell S3422DW monitor. One thing I’ve noticed is when using a resolution setting of 3440x1440 any tracks that have a lot of info in the Waveform slightly flicker when scrolling in Cubase? Also, the text is very small and quite hard to read. I’ve tried enlarging the text using the Dell Display Manager to 125% and the scrolling is more glitchy. If I keep the text size at 100% in the Dell DDM and enlarge it using the Windows settings, the glitching in Cubase stops. Finally, I can’t turn the brightness up beyond 75% as it keeps jumping back to this setting when I try to increase it. As it is, I find the picture to be a little too dark and would like to turn the brightness up.

Any ideas why I’m experiencing these issues? Could it be the built in Intel UHD Graphics 630 on my motherboard isn’t powerful enough?

I have spoken to Dell and they have resolved the brightness issue I had with the monitor. Turns out that the Dell Display Manager software can’t control the brightness and you need to use the monitors hardware buttons for this feature!!?? Seems really odd to me but anyhow this part is working fine now!

I have uploaded video clips of the flickering and glitching I mentioned here :-


You will probably need to download them to be able to clearly see the issue because for some reason the playback resolution is low quality when streaming for Google Drive.

If I were you, I would get rid of any and all software on your computer made by Dell. None of it is needed.

This is how I have adjusted screen brightness since forever. What do you find so outrageous about that?

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I don’t find anything outrageous. I just find it odd that only some of dedicated Dell Display Manager features work correctly. If the screen brightness control doesn’t work, why have it as an option within the app at all?