Display Group Names Left of Instrument Names

Is it possible to engrave the group names left of the instrument names? I’ve attached a portion of Barber’s Prayers of Kierkegaard that shows this. I’ve even seen 20 century scores that have something like “CORO I” with curly braces encompassing vertically all the voices in CORO I. (I just can’t find it at the moment.)

Reason is, right now, I’m engraving an antiphonal brass work, and with hidden staves throughout the score, it’s not immediately obvious which players are in which groups when an entire group has been hidden from that stave, since the visual cue of the bracket gap in the middle does not exist anymore.

The only simple way of doing this right now seems to change the name of the instruments so they do something like I - Trumpet 1, I - Trumpet 2 … II - Trumpet 1, etc. I would love this to be more elegant if possible!

Thank you very much!

This is not yet supported, but it’s certainly something we plan to add.