Display jumps around seemingly at random when zooming

I apologize if this is covered in another post — I searched the forum but didn’t see anybody writing about this.

It appears that if I select an object and switch modes, zooming in or out does not work correctly. For example:

  • Click on a note in Write mode.
  • Cmd-3 to switch to Engrave mode. (Or select the object in Engrave mode and switch to Write mode.)
  • Cmd-equals to zoom in or Cmd-minus to zoom out.
  • Nearly always (but not always?) I find myself in a completely different part of the score.

If I select an object and remain in the same mode, everything works as expected (the item stays in the center of the screen).

I’m hopeful you have already found and fixed this bug!

We are working on this at the moment, but as yet the problem has not been fixed, so it’s not clear as of this moment whether it will be fixed in the next update, or whether it will have to wait for the one after that.