Display name of FX channel in Automation Lanes

Issue: In the automation lanes in the Project window we can’t see what we’ve custom-named the FX Channels (it just says Sends1, Sends2, etc.).

Repro: Just look at any Send in the automation lane of any track in the Project window and you will only see, for example, “Sends1” instead of whatever you’ve custom-named named that FX Channel. By way of comparison: All other parameters in the automation lane reflect what you’ve custom-named them in the Project/Mixer.

It’s been posted many times here in the past for many, many versions of Cubase and I’m posting it again. It’s an immense workflow destroyer and time killer on projects with lots of Sends (I regularly have 25 or more Sends in a project) because you spend lots of time going back and forth like a ninny between the project window and the mixer trying to find out which Send in the automation lanes corresponds to which custom-named FX Channel in the mixer/Project. This should have been fixed many years ago and for some reason is still an issue. I’m begging you: Please fix it.

+1 yes please this is another big one

+1. Although in all honesty, this is not a bug per se (which in the world of Steinberg products means that it might actually get fixed :wink:).

Agreed! That’s why I’m putting here because it’s an issue that affects work in a very significant way and they need to consider it a bug. :smiley:

I have been wishing this for years too. Was there ever a time when you could name the sends? If not, then it’s not a bug but a feature request…IMO an important feature request that ultimately enhances and improves workflow.

Here is a very clear example of why this is a very big issue that must be fixed now:

See how the automation lanes only say “Send: 1”, “Sends: 2”, etc.? Well, in this project I have 27 auxes that are custom-names (as they typically are for most people, I would assume), so I wonder what Sends:1/Sends: 2/etc. actually correspond to of those 27, as far as what I’ve actually named them in the project/mixer? The only way to find out is either through my own memory (remembering what each of 27 sends is in a project with 300+ tracks and tons of automation? Not gonna happen.) or by going back and forth between the Project window and the Mixer, or scrolling up and down in the Project window in order to find out what each send corresponds to with the custom name I’ve given it, for every track that I have send automation on and every individual send. This results in literally immense amounts of time wasted that shouldn’t ever need to be wasted.

This must be fixed immediately. Please, it really must.



It’s a feature request. Moved.

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Names for Automation Tracks.

It gets even worse when some of the Automation Tracks are controlling an item in a plug-in or VST-i deep down in the chain. The name is in a tiny, nearly illegible font and names are truncated. :frowning:

Bump. This is so desperately needed to be fixed that I will keep reminding, even though it’s been many years. It’s an issue, not a feature request.

Bump. Doesn’t matter how annoying bumping is – this needs fixing ASAP, for every user (even if they don’t realize it’s missing).


This would be nice!