display notes in other stave

I am trying to display notes from my legato violin track in the regular violin track and am having some issues.

When I choose to display notes in other staves it will not copy the rest on the down beat so the notation does not add up after I hide the exiting half note rest.

I have aslo tried merging staves and it does nothing… it won’t merge.

Does anyone know how to do this.

I am attaching images of the issue.

As I see it, Display In Staff is probably not the function you need in your case.

Instead copy (or cut) the notes to the upper staff.
Or indeed merge the parts in the Project window.

Thanks for the reply.

That does work. I was hoping for a way that would keep my playback in tact if I have to change a note. I have regular violins on one track and a legato violin on the other. So if I merge or copy notes it mess up playback or I don’t hear the change.

Ok, so on the regular staff/track simply mute the notes copied from the legato staff/track.