Display of standard VST effects only shows basic / simple visual editor

Hey all, not sure how best to describe this - when adding / editing one of the “built in” VST effects (such as the Vinatage Compressor) I no longer see the typical ‘skin’ - only a really basic list of sliders (see below).
Other 3rd party effects look normal - i.e. all my waves plugins, etc. all come up correct.
This was after a system crash where I had to do a full reinstall of the application (system drive died). Everything works fine, just the built in vst effects are not displaying properly. Done quite a bit of searching but no luck yet.

I’ve tried changing display options (i.e. HiDPI) and resetting all preferences to default, and have done another full uninstall/clean/reinstall, but no luck.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Windows 10 on Cubase 11 Pro

The cog button top right gives you the option you are looking for i believe

Nope, good call tho - that’s the side-chaining setup!

Switch to… doesn’t work? If not, I believe I have read previously that this might have to do with a graphics driver.

Oooo, I don’t have that option! Interesting -

Since you haven’t told us anything about your system, Cubase version etc, it’s quite difficult to help out.

Windows 10 Pro (on Asus Prime z490-A on Intel I7) , 64-bit, Cubase 11 pro, version 11.0.21 Build 448.
Fresh windows and cubase install.
So wondering now about the graphics driver - but weird that everything else (including third party plugins) are visually ok.

I’m running an Asus Prime-A z590, using built-in video on a i7-11700k cpu. What is your monitor plugged into?

Benq 32", (EW3270U) running 3840X2160. I’m re-installing graphics drivers next, tho not hopeful on that - just tried different scaling options, and HiDPI on/off, but no success. Next I guess would be another reinstall but with removing all the Steinberg directories?

Anyone know what vst3 file(s) the default plugins are associate with? Assuming it’s in \common files\vst3?

That’s doesn’t answer the question I asked, but maybe it won’t matter. Good luck!

ah sorry, yes default m’board graphics (intel graphics 630)

Thought I’d pop an update in here in case anyone else runs into this -
I’m pretty sure this had something to do with a corrupted install on one of the base .vst3 files from cubase (pretty sure mine was vintage-plugins.vst3 that was corrupted).
The challenge was, when cubase was uninstalled those .vst3 files remained registered, and thus were never touched.
So was able to get it back with the following:

  • Uninstall Cubase
  • Rename C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg (i.e. to Steinberg.old, etc.)
  • Rename C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
  • Rename C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase [version*]
  • Reinstall

YMMV but thought I’d pop this in. Display/graphics drivers can also have an impact of course, but in this case it was those common components that were still registered and not actually being reinstalled.

Hope that helps someone else!

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