Display One-line Rhythmic Notation with Hidden Playback Pitches

I’d like to display generic rhythmic notation on a single staff line (as in the upper two staves in the screenshot below) while keeping the “hidden” pitches in the bass line (lower staff) for playback. (That is, I want the lower staff in the orange box to look like the one above it while sounding the descending line.)

What’s the best way to accomplish this?

How are you displaying the slash notation? Are you changing the noteheads manually or are you using Up-stem Slash Voice 1? Because using the Up-stem Slash Voice should look like the first picture but play back whatever note or chord that is behind it.

Changing the bass line to use a slash voice (rather than overriding the noteheads to be slashes) should do exactly what you want.

Thanks, @DanielMuzMurray and @dspreadbury!

I’ve been using my Notation Central Scoring Express / Stream Deck to create slash regions. I’ll dig into the more “manual” slash-voice creation.