Display Open Plug-ins of Selected Channel??

A question and/or feature request:

Have a preference to “display open insert plug-ins of selected channel only”.
Or is there already a way to effectively achieve this?

I select channel 1 and open to edit an EQ I have inserted on that channel.
Then I select, say, channel 4 and open to edit a Compressor and an EQ inserted on that channel.

Obviously, the EQ from channel 1 is still open occupying screen space.
This gets very messy when tweaking a number of inserts on a number of channels quickly.

I know that I could close open inserts before moving to the next channel.

But, in my view, it would be great to have a preference to “display open plug-ins of selected channel only”.
Or, at least, bring them to the front. This would apply only to inserts I had previously selected to edit on that channel.
I know, sometimes, you want them to stay open, thus the option. Or perhaps - my favorite - control click to lock it open.

This would speed up mixing a bunch.
Having this option on sends is less of an issue because they are usually more global. ie, a Reverb or something.
However, one other place this option would be fantastic is the surround panner window. I end up with 10 of them stacked up regularly.

Anyone else have these issues?
Or am I missing an existing way to do this?



I solved this with the help of “bome miditranslator”, see my topic about cubase Ipad control :


You can use this script with any external midicontroller. What it basicly does is:
on selection of any new channel: close all plugins
open editors of insert 1-8, it will only open the active and bypassed plugins

The script is turned on/off (open with plugins option on/off) with any midi cc or note on/off of choice.
You will need to buy bomes miditranslator (59 euro)
Send me a p.m. if you are interested for more info.


I am not sure I follow from this post or the other how you are doing this. Is the script you are referring to a macro or something that is a script in buy bomes? I have QuicKeys which responds to MIDI messages and runs other commands. By “Open with plug-ins option on/off” is that the preference "Synchronize Plug-in Program Selection to Track Selection?