Display Origin TC at Cursor or In/Out

I wasn’t able to find the answer to this in the manual or a forum search here. Apologies if the answer is obvious.

I was doing some re-conforming (mirroring video edits in the Nuendo project) having to add new dialog files for which I knew the source timecode of the edits.

I changed the audio event display to include the Origin Time for each event, which gets me half-way there. But it displays the source TC at the beginning of the file, not the current event start or where the cursor is. I need to trim that event to match the edit in/out points on the video side from given source TC.

Is there an option to have a secondary Origin Time that is relative to the event? Memory is distant, but I’m pretty certain you can enable a second timecode display in ProTools to help with these tasks.

In the meantime I can work around that brining the event in on a spot track, and then doing TC math on my calculator, getting the difference between file in TC and mark in TC, then adding that to the Nuendo TC of the event start and setting my locator there. But that’s a lot more tedious than just grabbing the left event handle and dragging it until the displayed Origin TC matches my desired in point.


Looks like I found part of my answer. It’s do-able, but not as user friendly.

The info line has a field (which may have to be enabled) that is labeled ‘Offset’. That is in fact the time difference between the start of the file and the start of the event within the file. It does update in real-time as you drag the extend/shrink the front of the event.

So a way of finding the source TC is to keep ‘Origin Time’ displayed as part of the event. Then take that time and add the Offset from the info line and you get the current source time code of the event.

If you need to trim an event to a specific source time code and then snap it into place, calculate the desired offset based on the origin time, and then trim while watching the info line until the desired offset value is reached.