Display powers mode and Cubase 7

While C7 is running my displays refuse to go into power saving mode and turn off after the amount of time that I have defined in my power management scheme (15 minutes). I am not using the Cubase 7 power scheme. I have a custom scheme defined that basically has everything always on except for the displays. Is anyone else noticing this. What can be done about it?

Switch off all automatic turning off - optimize your computer for music, nit for doing nothing. :wink:

What kind of response is this? Why would you even bother to post something so utterly useless and annoyingly condescending? Go away troll.

To the original poster. I too am having the same issue. I am not using the Steinberg power management scheme. I have a cool little utility called “Monitor Off” that runs in the Windows system tray that lets me manually put my monitors (2 Apple 24" displays and a Samsung 20" display) into sleep mode. However, when I am running Cubase 7 the monitors come back on after a minute or two. It’s very annoying. I want to turn off my displays when I go out to lunch or whatever and not have them heating up my studio (and wasting electricity) while I am gone. But I don’t want to have to power down the computer and then reboot everything when I get back.

Does anyone have a solution?

OK, try to read this article, for example.

With Apple, it’s much more easier. This article.

  • Switch Off screen saver.
  • Switch Off energy saver.
  • Switch Off automatic disk going to sleep.
  • Switch Off automatic updates of Windows.
  • Switch Off automatic updates of all applications.
  • Switch Off automatic launching of applications (mainly applications, you don’t know, what is it good for).
  • Switch Off automatic searching WiFi.
    … I don’t know, what else is switched On, and waste time of your computer, what reduce your CPU power.

Monitor Off Utility (http://www.dekisoft.com/mou.php) puts the displays into sleep mode. What’s cool about this is that you can manually control when the displays go to sleep (via a key command) rather than rely on Windows power management to put them to sleep after a certain period of time. Nothing else on the system is put into sleep mode, btw, when using Monitor Off Utility.

Regardless, Cubase should NOT be overriding Windows power management features. If someone wants to have his computer go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity, then he should be able to configure Windows to do that. You and I might think that is a bad idea, but Steinberg shouldn’t be making the decision for people.


Agree with this statement.

I just mentioned, that the so called “energy saving mode” also puts some drivers into a “corrupt” status and finally you have to re-start the whole system.
…which is not that time saving procedure :wink:


If the driver for a piece of equipment is so poorly written that it becomes “corrupted” when the computer monitor goes to sleep, then the solution to that problem is to replace the hardware with something that actually works.

Again, whether you or I think that having your monitor go to sleep is a good or bad idea, the fact of the matter is that there is a BUG in Cubase 7 that is not recognizing the status of the “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” option in the Device Setup dialog (under VST Audio System).

If you want to have Cubase manage your power settings for you, then by all means check this box. But if you want to choose your own settings, Cubase should allow you to do this (as it used to in versions 6.0 and 6.5).