Display Quantize: apply PRIOR to entering notes?

In Score Editor:
Can Display Quantize be performed prior to entering notes?

I set staff settings for a piece in which the smallest time value is the 16th note. I know (in advance) that one short passage requires 32nd triplets, and so I use the Display Quantize tool there, setting it for 32nd triplets and rests.

Question: must I first enter the first note of that passage – and apply the Display Quantize tool to it, in order to display the required 32nd note triplets? Or can I simply place the Score Editor cursor at the position where I wish to begin that passage, and apply the Display Quantize tool there (ie, without first entering a note)? (Will be much faster/easier to be able to do it both ways.)

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback!

Yes, you can insert a Display Quantize event whenever you wish. But you might find it more difficult to see precisely the position at which you did so (you’ll have to keep them unHidden, and keep your eye on the Info Line), and, of course, if you are using Polyphonic Voicing, being aware of which voice is active when you insert the event.

Thank-you, Vic_france – that’s great to know!